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Men's League 2010-2011 Announcement....The Hub City Men's League in 2010-2011 will feature both an "A" Division and "B" Division.                                                                                                                        

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5th Annual Hub Cup Midget Tournament

Midget Major Tournament
Ages: '92 & '93
Dates: June 25-27, 2010
Times: Vary (games will begin on Thursday the 24th for local teams)

Midget Minor Tournament
Ages: '94 & '95
Dates: June 18-20, 2010
Times: Vary (games begin on Thursday the 17th for local teams)

General Infomation:
• Deadline: May 1, 2009
Team sign up by invitation only.
• $1,400
• All teams are screened to assure a competitive roster.
• Each team guaranteed three games, max of 6 games.
• First three round robin games are two - 22 1/2 minute half games.
• All playoff games are 30 minute games
• Top 8 teams will advance to the playoff round in each division
• All games held at Bridgewater Ice Arena (area rinks in needed)
• 30 Minutes to Boston, Cape Cod, Plymouth, & Providence

If you are interested in competing in the Hub Cup AAA Invitational Tournament, please contact Todd Stirling at tstirling@hubcityhockey.com or call 508-279-2841.

2010 Midget Hub Cup Teams:
Major ('92 & '93)                                                   Minor ('94 & '95)
Bridgewater Bandits (M. Gorrey) Mass Mariners (V. Montalbano)
NE Nordiques '92 (F. O'Connor) Jr. Wolfpack Futures (C. Cerrella)
NE Nordiques '93 (F. O'Connor) NE Nordiques '94 (F. O'Connor)
Southeast Stars (D. Lupo) NE Nordiques '95 (F. O'Connor)
Mass Attack (C. Nagy) Mass Mariners (V. Mantalbano)
Jets (S. Ray) Southeast Stars (D. Lupo)
Boston Jr. Terriers (M. Smith) Patriots Hockey (S. Edwards)
Ohio Prospects (K. Koenecke) Mass Attack 94 (C. Nagy)
Beantown Bullies (P. Ward) Mass Attack 95 (C. Nagy)
Hub City Selects (L. Frey) Team One (R. Jacques)
RI Saints (D. Berube) Bridgewater Bandits  I (Gouviea)
Blackhawks U18 AAA (E. Quinlan) NE Jr. Hurricanes (P. Sherbertes)
Conquistadors Black (J. Heffernan) Americans (P. Desir)
NE Stars (D. Fontas) Jets (S. Ray)
So. Coast Chiefs (S. Medonca) Americans II (P. Desir)
Conquistadors Gold (J. Heffernan) NE Stars (D. Fontas)
CT Selects (P. Dowe) Bridgewater Bandits II (Muse)
No. Ct Wings (S. Gainey) NH Knights (C. Kesselring)
Team Kanaly (C. Kinaly) NE Huskies (T. Pelltier)
Beantown Bullies II (P. Ward) Team Kanaly (C. Kinaly)
NE Huskies (T. Pelltier) No. Conn Wings Black (S. Gainey)
Cranston Reds (P. Kitchen) No. Conn Wings Gold (S. Gainey)
  Rochester Selects 94 (A. Maio)
  Rochester Selects 95 (A. Maio)
  Bridgewater Bandits III (Drevitch)
  Jr. Bobcats (P. Alden)
  Walpole Express Black (T. Delesio)
  Ohio Prospects (K. Koenecke)
  Beantown Bullies '95 (P. Ward)
  New Jersey Colonials (M. Bronzo)
  Conquistadors (J. Heffernan)
  Kick Ice Coyotes (J. Martin)
  Express USA (P. Blacknell)
  NJ Diablos (D. Crandall)
  RI Saints '94 (D. Berube)
  RI Saints '95 (D. Berube)
  Beantown Bullies '94 (P. Ward)
  Beantown Bullies '96 (P. Ward)
  CT Selects (P. Dowe)
  Hub City Selects 95 (M. Yanovitch)
  Wildcat Elites (J. Stanlick)
  Global Selects Red (M. Smith)
  District 10 Bulldogs (M. Wall)
  Global Selects Blue (M. Smith)
  Boston Jr Terriers (M. Smith)
  Walpole Express White (T. Delesio)
  Cranston Reds (P. Kitchen)

Past Midget Hub Cup Champions:
Major  Minor
 2009 Beantown Bullies (Peter Ward)  2009 Hub City Hockey (Mike Yanovitch)
 2008 Brandywine Global Selects (Jared Beach)  2008 Jets AAA (Shawn Ray)
 2007 Boston Junior Bruins (Andy Powers)  2007 Midfairfield Blues (Mike Johnson)